Naples Custody and Parenting Plan Attorneys

Parenting Plans & Time Sharing Schedules

We work with you to anticipate the unique needs and specific interests of your child. We draft your parenting plan to serve your child’s needs and interests and to protect the relationship that you have with your child. Your parenting plan includes a determination of which parent has ultimate decision making authority regarding your children’s schooling and medical care.  The plan will also include a parenting time sharing schedule. Florida Statute 61.13 Support of children, parenting and time-sharing; powers of court

If an agreement with the other parent cannot be reached, we advocate to the fullest extent of the law for the court to adopt the parenting plan that you believe serves the best interests of your child. We understand that your child is your highest priority and it is our highest priority to achieve a parenting plan that meets your child’s best interests and that recognizes that after divorce your child needs you more than ever. We are your voice for your child.  We present the court with the circumstances you know to be most important for your child and apply them to the legal factors required by the court.

If you have never been married to the other parent of your child and you or the other parent is looking to protect your parenting rights, you will need a paternity parenting plan.

Naples Divorce Course

Florida requires parents who file for divorce to complete a 4 hour parenting course.  The parenting course reviews best parenting principles for children experiencing divorce.  The course reminds us of the goal of all loving parents, putting your children’s needs first.

Relocation Parenting Plan

If you have custody of your child or shared parenting time, and you or your spouse plan to move more than 50 miles away, a relocation petition will need to be filed with the court.  You will need a parenting plan and a court order before you will be allowed to move with your child. If an agreement with the other parent cannot be reached, the court will apply legal factors to your specific circumstances to determine whether to allow the relocation of your child. Florida Statute 61.13001 Parental relocation with a child

Child Support Guidelines 

The amount of child support is based on a formula referred to as the child support guidelines. Florida Statute 61.30 Child support guidelines; retroactive child support